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Homeland Season 4 Countdown - Favorite episodes: Q&A (full explanation)

* Q&A. Because someone (Quinn) finally calls Brody on his BS and IMO does what many wanted someone to do for awhile (tho to an extreme) and then Carrie manipulates the shit out of Brody to get him to spill the beans. We see Quinn emerge as a total kick-ass character who immediately collaborates with and trusts Carrie, and we see Carrie straddle the line between brilliant CIA agent & blinded lover. Amazing!

*it’s a very brave ep in every single way imo

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season four countdown
13. “The Good Soldier”
"Their boozy tryst might have been a credulity-derailing moment in any other ostensibly realistic show; but because Homeland had prepped the moment — carefully detailing Brody’s alienation, depression and troubled marriage and Carrie’s anti-psychotic drug regimen and lifelong history of flouting rules and courting danger — it felt psychologically credible and hilariously right. The moment played as if somebody had compiled a list of all the cat-and-mouse suspense pictures in which yin and yang leads stalked each other like possessive lovers and asked what would happen if subtext became text.” —Matt Zoller Seitz

season four countdown
35. “A Gettysburg Address”

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1.07 || 1.08

Nicholas Brody > Semper I

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season four countdown
21. “State of Independence”

"Were you there?"  "No."

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